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Creating Symbolic Directory Links a GUI

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I’m a massive DropBox fanboy, I just love it, love it, love it.  Up until recently I’ve used it by dragging and dropping stuff in or saving directly into it from the application.  Then I came across this post by GrumpyDev which describes how to move Windows Live Writer draft posts into Dropbox by using symbolic directory links.

I hadn’t thought of this before, instead of remembering to move my files about or saving them to places other than the standard documents folder, which I always forget to, I could create symbolic directory links for all the common things I use.  I went a bit mad at this point and moved all kinds of folders inside my Dropbox.

The only thing about doing this is, the process is a bit clunky.  You have to:

  1. Create the target
  2. Copy any existing content to the target
  3. Delete the folder you want to be a link
  4. Start cmd.exe and then enter the mklink command along with the full paths of the folders you want to link I was very surprised to find there is no pretty little one click GUI to do this.  So I decided to create one, I was looking for a test app to allow me to practice with TDD and MVC in Winforms and this was a perfect opportunity to.



So there it is, a very basic UI that allows you to enter where you want the link and where you want to link to.  You can just delete the link place or copy the contents over first.  Use these options at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for any data loss.


  • Vista or later (I have tested it on Vista x86 and Win7 x64)
  • .NET 3.5
  • Admin rights Download links:
    This can now to be downloaded from CodePlex:


DirLinker - source (I do have this in SubVersion at Unfuddled but I can’t make the repo public.  When I remove the dependency on Telerik to build, I will move it to CodePlex)

This is only the first version and I have a list of planned updates, which includes:

  • A full UI review and remove the dependency on Telerik - Updated 17/01/2010:
  • Add rollback support when an operation fails -
  • A general tidy up
  • Add a check for .NET 3.5 at start up
  • XP support (maybe) Download, enjoy and please report any bugs.