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Directory Linker 2.1 – XP Support

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Today I have pushed new binaries to CodePlex for DirLinker.  This new release brings support for folder links in Windows XP/2003.  It is not able to create file links, this is because of the limitations in reparse points in earlier versions of Windows.

This is something I didn’t think I would do but after releasing Dirlinker 2 on Codeplex, a ticket was raised in the bug tracker because it was failing on XP and I was chatting to a friend on IM about it who basically said “Well why doesn’t it?”.  The main reason was because the API call for creating symbolic links is only available in Vista and later.  XP does have an equivalent but the behaviour of the links they create is subtly different.  In XP they are Reparse Points where as in Vista+ they are hard links (similar to *nix), I will go in to the difference in a future post.

It turns out that with a little help from a CodeProject article, it took less than an hour to put in and test, so it made it in.  I am definitely parking this to new features now.  Only bug fixes will be added from now on.