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Update: DirLinker

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This morning I have pushed a new version of DirLinker to Codeplex.  The only change, a response to a bug raised on codeplex, is to allow the entry of network paths in DirLinker’s UI because it possible to create symbolic links to network locations on Vista (or later) but the strict validation used would not allow it.  There is a couple of things to be aware of when creating them:

  • It only works on Vista or later
  • It can be used for file and folder links
  • You can not create a link on a network location back to your local machine
  • If a sym link created on Vista/Server 2008 (or later) is in a shared folder, XP machines will not be able to use it.  As they don’t support sym links, only junction points.

As usual don’t hesitate to raise any bugs or give any feedback Smile