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DDD North Sessions Android App

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I was massively honoured to have my session on Android development voted into DDD North and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks thinking about and planing my content to do the honour justice.  While doing this I’ve created a small application that lists all the available sessions at DDD North and lets you keep track of what you’re planning to attend.  Partly to help recentre my Android zen and partly to give something back.  So here it is:


  • Full session list stored locally, so it will work when you have no wifi or signal
  • Includes the title, full description, room, time and presenter of every session
  • The welcome screen gives you a heads up of your next session
  • A “My Schedule” view, once you’ve selected the sessions you want to attend you can see them all at a glance.

It’s nothing ground breaking, or pretty :), but I hope you find it useful. You can download it from:

Market Link

And the source is up at Android so if you want to add features you’re more than welcome just send me a pull request!

Disclaimer Although I use the official DDDNorth logo and colours this is 100% unoffical so please direct all complaints and issues to me, not the wonder DDDNorth team :)

My Session

My session is an introduction to Android development from my .Net perspective, I’m going to go over the basics you need to get an internet facing application up and running using Java and the Android SDK.  I’ll cover, roughly, Activities, basic XML layout, AsyncTask, Intents, permissions, list adapters and, of course you can’t miss, context.  Along the way I’ll share with you bits of Java that have caught me out or are relevent to help get these things done.

If you’ve written an Android application I doubt there is going to be much there for you.  If you’re an experience Java developer I’ll probably just make you angry as I butcher the language.  But if you’ve got experience with .NET and would like to learn about Android native dev and bare in mind that this isn’t best practice or even particular wonderful code then please come and long and enjoy it.

Hope to see you there!