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Moving to Octopress From Wordpress

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Yes, this is yet another another I’ve moved from Wordpress to Octopress post. I made the move because I want to get MySQL off the box that hosts my blog and Octopress is pretty awesome.

When choosing a new way to host it I looked at Heroku and GitHub pages but neither (at the time of writing) offered redirects without hitting Ruby middleware and I wanted to keep my old links working. So I choose to host it myself and serve it up using Nginx.

I found a number of posts on how to make the move but none covered how to deal with links or comments. So I thought I’d document the steps I took and hope it help others.

1) Goto the Octopress site and follow the directions to get up and running.

2) Setup Disqus for your current Wordpress blog and import all the comments (this can take a while).

3) Export all your posts from the Wordpress admin area and then run exitwp to convert all your posts to markdown. It might choke at this point on the XML so it’s just a case of fixing the errors and trying again

4) Run through all your posts and fix them, the Wordpress editor and Windows Live Writer produce some interesting output that doesn’t convert to well.

5) Run wp2oct-links with the exported XML to generate nginx rewrite rules for all your old urls and add them to the nginx conf.

6) Test, deploy, etc then when you’re happy change the DNS over.

7) Go back to Disqus and get it to spider your site and it should update all the links.

That should do it.

Have fun cursing at Markdown :)