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Updated DDDNorth Android App

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This year I was delighted to once again be selected as a speaker for DDDNorth and to celebrate I decided to update the DDDNorth Android App I created last year with some new features!

The App

Along side last years features of the full schedule, the ability to select sessions and see a personalised schedule, I’ve added some new Twitter related related features, these include:

  • #DDDNorth Twitter Search Alongside the schedule and your personalised schedule is a search of twitter for the DDDNorth hashtag so you can keep with what everyone is saying!
  • Halo Tweet When you first launch the app you see one of the last ten tweets from the #DDDNorth hashtag.
  • Auto Schedule Update the app now has the ability to check for schedule updates (handy as DDDNorth still has TBC sessions).

Again nothing fancy and completely unoffical so please redirect all queries/complaints to me and not the excellent DDDNorth team.

You can download it from here.

My Session

My session this year is called “Test All The Things Or Maybe Not” and I want to talk through my experiences of unit testing. From complete beginner who took the advice literally to where I am today. Where is that? With hard won battle scars from poor, difficult to maintain and flaky unit tests.

I’m not trying to be an expert, but I hope people starting out will avoid making the same mistakes I did and others will realise it’s OK to break the rules :)