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Lc.exe Crashing During Build

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For a while now I’ve had an intermittent problem when building WinForm projects that contain 3rd party library controls, DevExpress in this case, where lc.exe crashes during the build causing it to fail. I’ve never gotten to the bottom of why it does it, but I have got as far as noticing it is a problem with the contents of .licx files. So a simple and quick fix is to empty the contents of the licx files. If you delete them the build will fail, this means they can’t be excluded from version control as build machine builds will fail.

If you go to the root of your solution and run the command below from PowerShell it should clear the contents of all of them, then a quick clean/rebuild from the IDE gets it up and running again.

get-childitem .\ -include *.licx -recurse | foreach ($_) {set-content $_.fullname $null }

Hope that helps someone else :)